Vasily Sukhomlinsky: Global Links

On this page are links to Ukrainian language sites where information on Sukhomlinsky may be found, and links to some other international sites that we are aware of. If you are aware of other significant sites that are not listed, please contact the webmaster, Alan Cockerill by email:

Sukhomlinsky State Educational Library (Kyiv) (Ukrainian)

This site contains a wealth of information for those able to read Ukrainian, including biographical information, articles and photographs. It is also possible to download the complete 5 volume Ukrainian edition of Sukhomlinsky’s selected works (around 3000 pages) in .djvu format. (With the correct software this can be converted to .pdf format.)

Sukhomlinsky Ukrainian College (Kyiv) (Ukrainian)

This is the site for an experimental school in Kyiv that is attempting to implement Sukhomlinsky’s ideas in the current Ukrainian society. The school has an enrolment of around 900 students and encompasses the primary and secondary years.

Pavlysh Secondary School (Pavlysh) (Ukrainian)

This is the site for the school where Sukhomlinsky served as principal from 1948 to 1970. The original (pre-revolutionary) school building now houses a museum dedicated to preserving Sukhomlinsky’s legacy. The school endeavours to continue the educational policies and approaches developed by Sukhomlinsky.

The Holistic Educator

This new site contains the same information as is hosted at, as well as additional pages that used to be hosted by These additional pages include a picture gallery and a subscription page for Sukhomlinsky News, including archived newsletters.

Blog: In Search of Sukhomlinsky

This blog was written by Alan Cockerill, and records his activities during a ten day research trip to Ukraine in October 2009. The final post summarizes the contents of archives in Pavlysh and Kyiv, and may contain useful material for anyone interested in researching Sukhomlinsky’s legacy.

Blog comments by Robert Weiss

Robert Weiss is and American scholar who has been interested in Sukhomlinsky for many years. His Blog ‘Site of Discovery and Wonder’ contains several interesting posts about Sukhomlinsky.